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Starlight | VibraCart Pro + Sitelok

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For the Stacks User who wants a fully functional online store with all the capabilities of Total CMS.

This version of the project file includes the VibraCart Pro installation files and when you purchase, you're essentially purchasing a license for VibraCart Pro.


Starlight offers you a fully functional online store without the monthly fees! Starlight is powered by Stacks and leverages the awesome power of both Total CMS from Weaver's Space and VibraCartPro from Vibralogix.
You'll have the ability to accept payments from either PayPal or Stripe and manage your customer's orders from within the VibraCart Pro admin portal.

Stop paying those monthly fees and start keeping all that hard-earned money you deserve!

VibraCart Pro for RapidWeaver and Sitelok by Vibralogix is included in this project file.

This also includes the VPC2TCM stack by Stacks App Stacks! A $29.95 value!

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VibraCart Pro Features

  • Simple to install into any page (doesn't need to be .php). Works across any number of pages on your site.
  • Fully responsive and works great on mobile devices.
  • Works as either a popup cart or an embedded cart inserted in your page.
  • A floating widget or mini cart on your pages can display the cart total and number of items along with a show cart button.
  • Easily change the colour and style to match your site.
  • Paypal and / or Stripe are supported for checkout
  • Can handle delivery of digital items (downloads, serial numbers etc) and physical items. The thank you page can use a page on your site so it matches perfectly. Download links etc are inserted automatically depending on the products purchased.
  • Cart wide and item based discounts and coupon code support. Coupon codes can have usage limits if required (for example single use).
  • Multiple shipping plans supported. Shipping can be calculated based on totals, shipping units or number of items etc. Digital products can be set to be ignored for shipping calculation too.
  • Tax can be applied based on country (e.g. EU) , US state or Canadian province. Location detected using GEO IP but allowing buyer to set their location manually if you allow it.
    This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
  • Support for checking EU VAT numbers (to remove VAT).
  • Cart can display an image for each item.
  • Cart items can link back to the product page on your site.
  • Optionally link to your terms and conditions and require buyers to agree to them before checkout.
  • Optionally limit how many items can be added to the cart (item and cart limit). Useful if you sell downloads and don’t need the quantity field.
  • Can send emails using your servers PHP mail, SMTP (PHPmailer) or Sendgrid.
  • Download products can be stored on your server or externally using Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, B2 Cloud or Dropbox.
  • Download links can have an expiry time and a download limit.
  • View when download link is used (and where) and also block downloads for specific orders.
  • Can create and update Sitelok accounts based on products purchased
  • Receipt / invoice can be displayed to the buyer and downloaded as a PDF.
  • Regular updates. See version history.
  • Support for iDevAffiliate, Shareasale and other affiliate systems.
  • Works with Mailchimp, Kunaki and Trepstar
  • Detailed PDF manual and great support

Sitelok Features

  • Easy to install on almost any server supporting PHP and Mysql. No PHP knowledge is needed.
  • Can secure .php pages and also .html pages on servers that allow PHP to be used in .html pages (most do). Sitelok can also secure download files stored locally or on Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, B2 Cloud and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Users can register for free access or you can use payment plugins to charge for membership.
  • Unlimited users, usergroups and secure areas
  • Users can belong to multiple usergroups each with their own expiry date if required
  • Mobile friendly Login, registration and update profile forms can be easily created using the built in form designers ready to be pasted in your pages. It's also possible to use your own form code.
  • Optional captcha, forgot password, remember me and auto login features.
  • Passwords can be stored in the database in plain text or securely (using latest methods)
  • Up to 50 custom fields of data can be stored for each user along with the username, email and name. User data can be displayed on pages or in emails.
  • Pages can be secured by usergroup or for specific users if required. Optionally you can allow public visitors to view all or parts of the page if required.
  • Option to allow search engine access to the secured pages. You can defined which usergroup the search engine access the pages as.
  • Powerful & responsive control panel for easy user management. Easily find, filter, import, export or email users.
  • Use the built in template based wysiwyg email editor to send emails to selected users based on usergroup membership or almost any other criteria.
  • Built in backup system allows you to back up the database for safety and to help with migration to a new server.
  • Plugin system allows for many new features and enhancements. See plugins.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Linklok Paypal, Linklok Mals, Linklok Clickbank and Linklok ASecurecart.
  • Developer friendly so advanced users can use Sitelok as the basis for complex applications. The full source code is available and an API allows advanced users to create users and to access and modify member data.
  • Works great whether you have 100 users or 100,000+ users.
  • Regular updates. See version history.
  • Detailed PDF manual and great support

What you get!

  • Sitelok by Vibralogix
  • VibraCart Pro for RapidWeaver by Vibralogix
  • VPC2TCM stack by Stacks App Stacks
  • Fully functional VibraCart Pro store!
  • Mobile ready
  • Full Total CMS hookup to SEO Help
  • Fully integrated TCMS Blog Lists with Blog Post pages
  • Fully set up Blog Form pages for each Blog List pages
  • Full Admin Portal
  • Settings for each page type
    • Page Title
    • Page Link Title
    • Page Description
    • Page Social Share Card
  • Global Site Settings
  • Per page custom code
  • Social Media integration
  • Page layouts
    • Home
    • About 
    • Store
    • Contact Us
    • Grievances
    • Privacy Policy
    • Thank You
    • Credits
  • Blog List | Blog Post | Blog Form Page
    • Store
    • Credits

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