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8+ Years using Stacks
10+ Years using Foundation
3x Weaver's Space Summit Presenter
3x Weaver's Space Live Presenter

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It can be a lot of work when it comes to setting up a new project file. Frustration levels can get out of control when it comes to understanding why a particular thing just won't work right.

Let me help you!

Stacks and layouts as well as project setups can get a little tricky. I can show you efficient ways to get your work making sense and looking great!

I'll work with your schedule so you can get on with your project building life!

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• Project Setup

• Total CMS Setup

• Best Practices

• Project Troubleshooting

• General Stacks Help

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Camp Rules

Private Lessons

Minimum one hour
Charged in increments of 15 minutes
3% processing fee
This is your time for us to discuss whatever you'd like pertaining to Stacks and your project files

Let's get learnin', Camper!