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All New Admin Area

Total CMS = Total Control

The Perfect Starter Project


Cumbre is the perfect learning tool or starting point for a site.

Need a contact form? We got you covered.

Staff page, yep...

Just want to tear it apart and see the "how and why" of it all to learn? Done and done!!!

This Stacks project file is the ultimate setup for the Stacks User with a full tool belt. Cumbre includes practically every page type your website could possibly need with Total CMS and SEO Helper connectivity built in from the ground up. Macros galore, people!

Give your customers a custom built Admin Portal that they can control their website with.

All you have to do is build on this and make it look the way YOU want it to look.

Need more convincing...?

Admin Blog Layouts

Blog Form Layouts

Just click Copy HTML and paste into your Blog Form and BOOM!! Premade layouts ready to edit to your liking!

These premade layouts are extremely useful for building out complex layouts without having to open your Stacks project.

Custom Blog List Layouts

View your data the way you want!

Add more fields to see your critical info!

Easily view your Live, Draft, and Archive posts.

Admin Drinks Layouts
Admin Locations

Use Your 3rd Party Stacks to Make the Difference!

This page is using Map 2 by DooBox to show location pins in a Google Map that's being powered by Total CMS Blog posts!

WHAT??? 🤯

If you have the Map 2 stack, then you're good to go!

Like Macros?

Yeah, we've got em.

Full integration with SEO Helper.

Per page SEO Helper stacks directly hooked into the Admin portal as well as Total CMS Blog lists and posts.

Sit back and design... the hard part's done!

SEO Helper Macros

Full Rundown

Oh, yeah... Chat GPT did a LOT of the heavy lifting! 🦾

Experience web design mastery with Cumbre. Featuring over 33 diverse page types, intuitive SEO Helper stacks, integrated Total CMS blogs, and premium stacks from Weaver’s Space. Enjoy effortless styling with Foundation 6's Swatch Pack and maintain design consistency with the innovative use of Partials. With a comprehensive admin portal and limitless customization potential, it's your perfect canvas for any brand story. Dive in, and reshape your digital presence with unmatched elegance.

  • A complete website ready to go and waiting for your own content to make it come alive
  • 140+ pages
  • Page types for the most commonly needed website pages
  • Fully hooked up SEO Helper stacks pages to leverage complete SEO domination
  • Fully integrated Total CMS blogs and Total CMS macros into SEO Helper
  • Utilizes the power of the Swatch Pack for Foundation 6 for the best in awesome CSS
  • Fully integrated admin portal to control the continent of your website
  • The perfect starting point for any type of website for any type of company
  • Completely customizable website for you or your clients
  • Modular sections
  • Customizable templates for Total CMS blog posts

Unlock the pinnacle of web design with our comprehensive Stacks project file, meticulously crafted to harness the power of the Stacks plugin, Foundation 6 stacks, Total CMS, and a selection of premium stacks from Weaver’s Space by the esteemed Joe Workman.

Yet front

Dive into a realm of web design innovation with this project file. It's not just a website; it's a canvas for your brand's masterpiece. Elevate your digital presence with precision, power, and panache.

Yeti Walking

Features at a Glance:

  • Turnkey Website Solution: Dive straight into a complete website framework, primed and awaiting your distinctive content to truly bring it to life.
  • Extensive Content Reach: With over 80 beautifully designed pages, you have ample space to narrate your brand story.
  • Versatile Page Types: Whether you need an about page, services showcase, or contact form, we've included page types for the most in-demand website needs.
  • SEO Mastery: Capitalize on the SEO Helper stacks, comprehensively configured for superior search engine visibility and performance.
  • Engaging Blogs with Total CMS: Seamlessly integrated Total CMS blogs, enriched with customizable templates and Total CMS macros for content dynamism, all woven into the SEO Helper.
  • Swatch Pack Integration: Experience web aesthetics like never before with the Swatch Pack for Foundation 6, offering unparalleled CSS styling versatility.
  • Comprehensive Admin Control: A streamlined admin portal ensures you hold the reins to your website content, facilitating effortless updates and modifications.
  • Universal Application: Whether you're launching a tech startup, a boutique store, or a personal portfolio, this project file is the ideal foundation for any venture.
  • Limitless Customization: Mold the website according to your brand vision or the unique requirements of your clients.
  • Modular Brilliance: Crafted with a modular approach, effortlessly mix, match, and rearrange sections as your content evolves.
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