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Field Office

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Field Office is a white-labeled web-based CRM to manage your growing small business.

With a compact UI and easy to use form, you’ll be able to give your clients, or yourself, a complete CRM to manage contacts, projects, proposals, contracts, invoices, and todos.

Easily create templates for all CRM types and manage them with the power of Total CMS and Foundation 6.

Email your clients right from within the CRM and allow them to answer your proposals and contracts, as well as pay invoices by following links from the emails back to a front facing website with all the information beautifully displayed.

Field Office is scalable and can easily be integrated into any website or workflow.

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What you get!

  • Fully functional CRM
  • Email template builder
  • Contacts Manager
  • Projects Manager
  • Invoice Manager
  • Contracts Manager
  • Proposals Manager
  • Email Stacks Project File
  • cms-data folder

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