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Starlight | General Setup

Step 1: Setup Your Project File

  1. Unzip the Starlight project file and open it in RapidWeaver.
  2. Click File - Save As... and name your new project file whatever your website is going to be.
  3. Under General, set the Web Address and Title of your website.
  4. Under Web Icons, set your icons for your site.
  5. Under Publishing, set up your FTP using the information from your hosting provider.

Step 2: Add Total CMS License

CMS Core Swatch

  1. Select the Home page in the Page List.
  2. Double-click the Starlight - Site Top partial under the VibraCartPro Setup Pen.
  3. Open the Site Top - Front Facing Pen.
  4. Double-click the Starlight | Site Styles | EVERY PAGE partial and open the Site Styles (partial) Pen.
  5. Select the CMS Core Swatch and enter your Total CMS license.

Admin Core

  1. Select the Admin - Home Page page in the Page List.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and double-click the Starlight - TCMS Admin Core partial.
  3. Select the Admin Core stack and type in your Total CMS license.
  4. Click the Register CMS button above where you typed in your license.
  5. Click the Back button to get out of the partial.
  6. Preview the page by hitting Command+R.
  7. Click the Register button
  8. Click File and then Re-Publish All Files.
  9. Once all files have been published, follow the same steps 1-5 from above, but this time uncheck the Register CMS button.
  10. Back out of the partial.

Step 3: Setup the Admin Portal

  1. Navigate to the Admin Portal (www.website.com/admin)
  2. Login using the supplied Page Safe or Protect password (demo123@).
  3. Click the Settings button in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  4. Under SITE SETTINGS set the Site URL to be your website's URL and be sure to include the "/" at the end.

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