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For the Stacks User who is ready to dive right into Total CMS blogs and give their website some muscle.


This is a great start for the Stacks User looking to build out a basic website with the full functionality of Total CMS ready to go at the tip of their mouse.
Total CMS is set up to work with SEO Helper and is completely integrated throughout the entire project.
The killer feature of Rebar is the ability to create pages dynamically and have them fully integrated with SEO Helper.

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What you get!

  • Mobile ready
  • Full Total CMS hookup to SEO Helper
  • Fully integrated TCMS Blog Lists with Blog Post pages
  • Fully set up Blog Form pages for each Blog List page
  • Full Admin Portal
    • Customizable user Dashboard
  • Settings for each page type
    • Page Title
    • Page Link Title
    • Page Description
    • Page Social Share Card
  • Global Site Settings
    • Social Media integration
    • Google Analytics / Tag Manger
    • Facebook Pixel
  • Customizable Cookie Policy notification (Call to Action required)
  • Multiple footer starting points
  • Multiple banner starting points
  • Fully integrated Total CMS main navigation with toggle-able links
  • Base page layouts for possible page types
    • Home
    • Contact
    • Blog
    • Privacy Policy
    • Thank You
  • Blog List | Blog Post | Blog Form Pages
    • Pages
    • Blog
  • All future project updates

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